Committees and membership

Our political decision making operates through a committee structure:

Our committees and full council meet once every six weeks, with a break during the summer. Our timetable of meetings gives more information. 

The meetings are usually held in Town and County Hall, Forfar. There is disabled access to the chambers.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, all Council meetings are being conducted remotely. A live-stream of the meeting is available on YouTube and can be accessed via the forthcoming meetings page.

Most council meetings are open to the public and press. Occasionally, meetings will sit in private for legal reasons or reasons of confidentiality. 

The meeting will deal with the items of business as they appear on the agenda. If all the councillors do not agree, a vote will be taken to decide the matter.

The official record of council meetings is contained in the minutes. This is not a word-for-word record but sets out decisions for legal and other purposes.

Councillor attendance is available to view online.