Council Tax reduction for people with disabilities

Where a property is the sole or main residence of at least one person with disabilities, the liable person may qualify for a reduction provided one of the following conditions is satisfied:

  • a┬ároom has been provided to cater for the disabled person's specific needs
  • a second bathroom or second kitchen has been provided for use by the disabled person
  • where sufficient floor space has been provided to permit the use of a wheelchair within the property and that a wheelchair is being used

The reduction is made by charging Council Tax at the valuation band below the one your home is in. So, if your home is in band D, the band C rate will apply to your Council Tax bill. You will get a part reduction even if your home is in band A.

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apply for disablement reduction

If you are on a low income you may be entitled to help to reduce your Council Tax bill. Claim Council Tax reduction.

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