Council Tax Reduction

Help with Council Tax payments for people on low incomes or benefits.


Second Adult Rebate

You can apply for second adult rebate if you don't qualify for Council Tax Reduction and live with another adult over 18.  

You'll only get the reduction if the other adult:

  • does not pay rent for living in your home

  • is not your spouse or partner

  • has a low income and is not a disregarded person

The reduction could be up to 25% of your Council Tax bill.

Apply for second adult rebate

Before you apply for Council Tax Reduction, you can work out the amount you may be entitled to using our online benefits calculator.

Then complete our online form to apply for Council Tax Reduction.

You can use the same form to apply for Housing Benefit. You only need to fill in the form once, even if you are applying for both Housing Benefit and Second Adult Rebate.

Apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction (including second adult rebate)

Before starting read our Privacy Statement. It explains how we use your personal information.

Once we've received your application, we'll get in touch to tell you whether your application is successful. We may also ask you for more information if we need it.

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