Second homes

Second homes are charged 200% (double) Council Tax.

Water and sewerage charges are not affected.

Second homes

A second home is a furnished property that is nobody's sole or main residence, but is lived in for at least 25 days during any 12 month rolling period.

Accommodation not liable for the 200% Council Tax charge

  • purpose-built holiday home where charged Council Tax, for example used for holiday purposes but has to be vacated at certain times
  • tied accommodation - property is provided by your employer and part of your contract of employment
  • property is your main residence
  • property is let to someone else
  • unfurnished properties

Empty homes

If you stay in the property for fewer than 25 days in a twelve month rolling period, it will be treated as an empty home.

Change of circumstance

Let us know about any changes that may affect the amount of Council Tax you pay by reporting a change in circumstance.