Caravan site

A licence may be required if you want to use your land as a caravan site.

Please note:

  • an up-to-date layout plan of the site must be included with the application
  • the site must have planning permission before it can be licensed
  • the site licence runs in parallel with planning permission and, therefore, expires at the same time
  • caravan sites for seasonal workers are not exempt

Buying a residential caravan

Read this advice if you are thinking of buying a residential caravan.


There is no fee for issuing holiday/temporary caravan site licences.

There is a fee for issuing a first application/renewal residential caravan site licence:

Number of Residential Caravans Applied For Application FeeRenewal Fee
1-6   £330£165
49-96  £5280£2640
97 and over£10560£5280