Arbroath: Long-Term Plan for Towns Fund – The Search for a Chairperson and Board members

Do you have what it takes to shape the future of Arbroath?
Friday 26 April 2024

Angus Council is starting recruitment for a Chair and board members to become the new Arbroath Town Board that will decide how to spend funding of up to £20 million, awarded to the town as part of the 2024/25 UK Government budget Levelling Up fund.

The key characteristic of the Long-Term Plan for Towns levelling up fund is that decisions around how to spend the fund will be decided by a new Town Board, made up of local community leaders and employers, who will draw up their town’s Long-Term Plan for the next 10 years.

This means that the first task is to find a suitable Chair, who should be a champion for the town and provide leadership for the Town Board, ensuring that it is community-led and embedded within the local area. The board must have a clear focus on solving local issues and building a town fit for the future through ambitious, visionary projects.

The Chair:

Given the importance of their role, the Chair should be someone who already holds a prominent role within the town such as:

  • A member of a local charitable organisation
  • A philanthropist
  • The head of the Further Education College
  • A director for the NHS Board or Trust
  • A director of a football club 

Elected representatives, such as MPs, MSPs, or local or community councillors, must not chair the Town Board.

The Board:

Members of the board should already be members of local groups and organisations, and could for example come from:

  • Community partners, such as community groups, faith groups and local


  • Local businesses and social enterprises
  • Key cultural, arts, heritage, and sporting organisations
  • Public sector agencies such as representatives from schools or police subject to local priorities
  • The local elected members relevant local authorities, such as the MP, the MSP, local councillors and members of the community councils

Could you be the Chair or a member of the new Town Board? Would you like to nominate someone for Chair or membership?

In its role as facilitator, Angus Council will be hosting three events; two in-person and one online, in order to share details of the Fund and fully explain to potential Chairs and Board members what the roles entail, what responsibilities they have and what kinds of opportunities they can unlock for Arbroath over a 7–10-year period with a budget of £20 million.

In person events:

These will take place at Websters Theatre Arbroath on Wednesday 8 May 2024 from: 

4:30pm until 5:30pm and 6:30pm from 7:30pm.

Please just attend on the day, no need to register.

Online Teams call Monday 13 May 2024 12 noon – 1pm

Please register your wish to join by emailing stating which organisation, business or group you represent, and you will be sent a link.

If you would like more information, attend the Teams call, or to nominate a Chair or board members here:

Communities Convener, Cllr Mark McDonald said, “This is another exciting project which will help Arbroath secure its future as a vibrant, sustainable town.

“This kind of funding is transformational, and I would encourage local, community-minded people to come forward and really grasp this opportunity to think big, and outside the box. 

“It’s a once in a generation chance to build an ambitious future for Angus’ biggest town and compliments the project Arbroath Places for Everyone”.

Working with the new Chair, Angus Council will then help to establish the Town Board who know and understand Arbroath, and who bring together all its many different opportunities and issues.

It will then support the Board to develop an Investment Plan that will set out the long-term plan and ambitions and develops long-term plans.

You can read more about this fund here: