Conservation areas

Conservation areas are legally defined as places of:

“special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance”.

As the planning authority, we have a duty to preserve and enhance conservation areas in Angus through controlling demolition, proposed changes and new development so that the special qualities of the place are not lost.

Conservation Areas in Angus

We have 19 designated conservation areas in Angus including parts of small villages and the historic core of many of the burghs.


Arbroath - Abbey to Harbour* -  draft Appraisal 2012 

Arbroath - Keptie Pond - draft Appraisal 2012

Arbroath - West Port - draft Appraisal 2012


Brechin* - Appraisal 2009

Brechin - St Ninian's Square



Forfar - Appraisal 2011



Kirriemuir - Appraisal 2014


Montrose* - Appraisal 2011



St Vigeans


* denotes Article 4 Direction


Proposals affecting conservation areas

You need planning permission for almost all external additions or alterations to any building in a conservation area. This includes, but is not limited to, new windows and installation of satellite dishes.

You need Conservation Area Consent for the total or substantial demolition of unlisted buildings in a conservation area with a volume greater than 115 cubic metres, and total or substantial demolition of structures within the conservation area.

Some of our conservation areas have Article 4 Directions in place. This means planning permission may be required for some minor proposals - please check.

Get pre-application advice before you carry out any work or contract anyone to do work for you to confirm whether permission is required or not. You may also need a building warrant. has guidance notes and online application forms.

Works to trees in conservation areas

Trees can make a valuable contribution to the character of the conservation area, and works to the trees can harm this character.  Anyone who wishes to fell, lop, prune or top trees within a conservation area is required to give six weeks prior written notice to the Council. This gives the Council time to consider whether to make a Tree Preservation Order on the tree(s).  Carrying out work without notice is an offence.

Guidance and appraisals

Conservation Area Appraisals are in place for a few of our conservation areas (indicated on the list). An appraisal helps everyone:

  • understand what is special about the place
  • identify threats
  • identify opportunities for enhancement

Work is ongoing to review the boundaries of conservation areas in Angus and produce further appraisals. Our approach to managing the built heritage of Angus, including all the conservation areas, is set out in our web page on managing the built heritage of Angus.