Pre-application advice and surgeries

We offer a pre-application advice service. That service is currently free but it is only available by using our online form.

You can use this service to get:

  • an indication of the likely outcome of your proposal
  • advice on the information that you will need to support any future planning application 
  • advice, where possible, on how any possible concerns about your proposal could be overcome

What we need from you:

You may find it helpful to obtain advice from an independent planning specialist who has the experience and expertise that can help make sure your application has the best chance of being given permission.

In order to provide effective pre-application advice we will normally need:

  1. a scaled plan showing the site and identifying other land within the ownership or control of the applicant.
  2. any relevant planning history that you are aware of, details of the existing use, a schedule of any existing floorspace and any other background information that is relevant to the proposal.
  3. a description of the proposal, including a calculation of any new/additional floorspace if appropriate. 
  4. any necessary scaled plans, elevations, sections and photographs (which are particularly useful to understand the proposal and its context). Any drawings must include a scale bar and be annotated with metric measurements. 
  5. any other supporting information or studies that you have obtained in relation to your proposal. 

We can only provide general advice in response to a general enquiry and therefore it is in your interests to provide as much information as possible with your enquiry. We will deal your enquiry on the basis of the information that you supply.

We acknowledge receipt of all pre-application enquiries and deal with most within 15 working days.

We cannot provide a definitive response on the outcome of any planning application. Planning applications are public and subject to consultation. Some issues may emerge after a planning application is submitted.

Apply for pre-planning advice

The local planning surgeries are currently suspended. If you wish informal advice before submitting a planning application please see the guidance above. If you want information about a planning application or if you wish to comment on an application please see our online advice.