Changes to parking and parking review

There is extensive availability of both on and off street car parking throughout the seven Burghs of Angus.

Paying to park in Angus Council’s off-street car parks has been suspended since 26 March 2020 and is currently free of charge.

This decision was taken as part of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic and elected members have since agreed that all off-street parking meters will remain out of use until April 2025.

Our community enforcement team patrol off-street car parks to keep them safe for the people using them.

They also ensure that non-charge related conditions are being met.

These conditions include parking within marked bays and not staying longer than four hours in short stay car parks and 72 hours in long stay car parks.

You must adhere to the conditions of use displayed on the main car park signs at all times.

On street parking bays, with a 60-minute time restriction, are widely available and form part of the wider restrictions and regulations that are enforced to ensure road safety, accessibility and the free flow of traffic.

Review of parking in Angus

The pause in paying for parking in Angus presented an opportunity for a comprehensive review of parking in Angus that looked at both paid for and free parking.

This was a look at parking as a whole – not just a matter of free parking versus paying to park.

All options were considered in looking at on and off-street parking, parking restrictions, including waiting times, and parking permits.

The review was carried out by a Member Officer Working Group, which presented its findings to committee as part of the council’s budget setting in February 2021.

The review included engagement and conversation with focus groups initially and this assisted in delivering a meaningful consultation with residents, retailers, businesses and visitors on a range of options.

As part of this review, we asked the public for their views on parking options. For more information visit the review of parking completed consultation page.