Roads and pavements gritting routes


2 November 2020 to 28 March 2021.

Roads are split into different categories:

Priority routes (roads)

Hours of cover: 5am to 11pm (daily, Monday 2 November to Sunday 28 March)

Kept open or opened up before other routes during prolonged periods of snow.


  • major bus and commuter routes

  • major roads that serve hospitals, ambulance and fire stations, schools and main industrial centres.

Priority routes map (routes marked in red):



Auxiliary routes (roads)

Carry less traffic but prone to icing. Generally glen or high-level routes.

Hours of cover: Monday to Friday: 6am to 3pm

Routes north of the A926/B957/A90, and on the C52 (B961 to B9128) and on the U338 The Brae, Auchterhouse are treated between 5am and 8am on weekends and public holidays.

Auxiliary routes map (marked in blue):

A90 and A92

The A90 and A92 (Dundee boundary to Arbroath boundary) in Angus are given 24 hour cover by BEAR Scotland Ltd. The A90 is a Transport Scotland trunk road and the A92 is owned by the council.

Other routes (roads)

Only dealt with, if needed, after priority and auxiliary routes have been treated.

Hours of cover:

  • Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm
  • No cover at weekends or public holidays

Untreated roads

We don't grit roads and pavements which are not on our list of public roads.

We treat routes in other council-owned areas such as cemeteries to maintain reasonable access.