Enrolling in primary school

Each new school session begins in August. Visit our school holiday pages for the autumn term start dates.

You should normally apply to the school whose catchment serves the area where you live.

Enrolments for August should be made in January of that year. Enrolments for August starts will not be accepted before this time.

View a map of primary school catchment areas.

To enrol in your catchment school you should complete an enrolment form.

School enrolments and placing requests

If you are applying to your catchment school you will need to upload copies of your child’s birth certificate (full version if possible), and two current proofs of address/residency (one of which must be dated within the past three months) such as:

  • Council Tax letter
  • bank/building society statement
  • credit card statement
  • utility bill (electricity, gas, phone)
  • utility connection letter
  • driving licence or V5 vehicle registration document
  • social work letter
  • Child Maintenance Service letter
  • Department for Work and Pensions letter
  • HMRC letter

If you are due to move, and want to enrol your child in the school serving the area where you will live, you can upload a copy of either:

  • your final missive/concluded bargain letter
  • the rental agreement for the property you are moving into

If a family live with other family members or friends, copies of the following will be requested in place of the above:

  • a letter from the person that the family are staying with confirming that they are living there
  • proof of residence/address for the person that the family are staying with
  • proof showing that the parent is living at this address such as
    • Child Tax Credit letter
    • bank/building society statement
    • V5 vehicle registration document
    • driving licence
    • social work letter
    • Child Maintenance Service letter
    • Department for Work and Pensions letter

If you are enrolling at St Margaret’s RC or St Thomas RC primary schools, and your child has been baptised, you should also provide a copy of the baptismal certificate.

To request a school outside your catchment area

Visit our making a placing request page.

Please note that if you are requesting a school outside your catchment area, copies of your child’s birth certificate and address proofs are not required at this stage.