Take clothes, bed linen and curtains, leather handbags and shoes to any recycling centre or clothes bank.

No quilts and pillows, please.

Make sure:

  • all textiles are bagged
  • shoes are paired and secured with string or a rubber band

Textiles soiled with paint, varnish or glue are not acceptable for recycling or reuse.

Such items should be deposited in a purple bin or the nonrecyclable (general) waste skip at Arbroath, Forfar or Montrose recycling centres.


Many charities and reuse organisations accept textiles (such as bedding and clothes).

Bedding, curtains, towels and bathmats (clean and in good condition) can be left in the Starter Packs Angus cabin in Forfar recycling centre.

Charity shops

Bags of textiles and shoes can be donated to charity shops regardless of condition.