Forfar recycling centre

Do not visit if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are self-isolating.

Opening hours

Monday: 9:15am to 4pm

Tuesday: 9:15am to 4pm

Wednesday (April to September): 12:15pm to 7pm

Wednesday (October to March): 9:15am to 4pm

Thursday: 9:15am to 4pm

Friday: 9:15am to 4pm

Saturday: 9:15am to 4pm

Sunday: 9:15am to 4pm

Accepted items

Check we accept the items you want to recycle

Vehicles and bookings

No need to pre-book- cars and small vans         Examples
  • cars including estate cars
4x4 vehicle
  • MPVs
  • SUVs
  • 4x4s
small van
  • Renault Kangoo
  • Volkswagon Caddy or Combo Cargo
  • Ford Transit Connect
  • Peugeot Partner

standard wheelbase lengths only

Transit-type vans and trailers

Must be pre-booked:

Book a visit for a Transit-type van or trailer

Book in advance - larger vans and trailers Examples
transit van
  • Ford Transit van
  • high-roof van
  • all trailers

Larger vehicles such as larger horse boxes or motorhomes

Vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, are not permitted. They can cause congestion and fill up skips, inconveniencing other site users.

Safety and assistance

Sort your waste before you travel so:

  • your visit is as brief is possible
  • you put the right stuff in the right skip

When you arrive

Staff will ask what items you have with you then direct you to the unloading area.

They may also ask you to fill in a form to certify your waste is not commercial waste.

Staff will offer help and advice. However you are responsible for offloading your waste (including bulky or heavy items) and ensuring it goes in the right container.

Please be kind to site staff.

Anyone not following site rules will be asked to leave.


  • No wheeled bins - emptying wheeled bins into skips is unsafe
  • Ensure that you are finished offloading any material before closing time

No pedestrian access. The volume of traffic entering and leaving the centre can make pedestrian access unsafe.

Help with unloading items

Please bring someone with you if you need help offloading items at the centre.

We are unable to provide physical assistance. This is so we can:

  • manage the risk of injury to our staff
  • make sure they are available to monitor site rules are being followed
  • ensure staff are visible to visitors requiring advice

Soil enhancer

Householders can collect up to three bags a day, using their own bags.

Commercial waste

Transit-type vans and trailers must pre-book and all customers must have a pre-paid disposal voucher. Details at commercial waste at recycling centres.

56.646607, -2.892455

Queenswell Road

If you live in the Monifieth and Sidlaw ward you can also use Dundee City Council recycling centres.

Visits with a van, pick-up or trailer need a Dundee City Council permit.

Find out what council ward you live in.