Benefits and financial entitlements for refugees from Ukraine


Financial entitlements for refugees from Ukraine 

 Further information is available on our Benefits and money advice pages.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit (UC) is a payment to help with living costs for working age people. It can be paid monthly, or twice monthly upon request. 

You may be able to get it if you’re on a low income, out of work or you cannot work. The amount you receive depends on several factors, such as childcare responsibilities, rent costs and so on.

You will be unable to claim UC without an email address and a UK bank account

More information and how to claim

Pension Credit

Pension Credit gives you extra money to help with your living costs if you are over State Pension age and on a low income.   

If you are pension age and having rent costs then you may also be entitled to Housing Benefit.

More information and how to claim.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction

If you have your own tenancy you are likely to be liable for Council Tax and therefore may also be entitled to Council Tax Reduction to reduce your liability.

If you are living in temporary accommodation or supported accommodation then you will need to claim Housing Benefit to cover the cost of your rent.

Benefits for people with a health condition

There are various benefits for people with a health condition or disability.

Depending on your age you could qualify for one of:

Child Benefit

You get Child Benefit if you’re responsible for bringing up a child who is under 16, or under 20 if they stay in approved education or training.

More information and how to claim.

If your child is under six you can apply for a further payment.

You may qualify for other financial entitlements.  

Other support for families

Other sources of financial support available to families

Children attending early years, primary and secondary education

Families with school aged children who have arrived from Ukraine should approach their local school to get advice and information on enrolment.

If families are not sure which school is their local school, check catchment areas.

Families with hosts or other family members in the area may be able to help with information about local schools.

Free school meals and school clothing grants

Education maintenance allowance

Early Learning Payments and School Age Payments

Free bus travel

See Free bus travel (in English, Ukrainian and Russian)

National Insurance number

If you do not already have a National Insurance number and you are planning to work you will need to apply for one.

Welfare Rights Service

For tailored benefits advice contact our Welfare Rights team