Benefits for people with health conditions


Attendance allowance

Attendance Allowance is a non means-tested benefit for people aged 65 or over.  It provides financial help with the extra costs of a long-term illness, health condition or disability which can either be a physical and/or a mental health condition.   

Attendance Allowance can be paid if you reasonably need help with your personal care or need to be supervised.  It can also be paid if you have a terminal illness.

It can be paid at two rates. The amount you receive depends on how your condition affects you.

Making a claim

For details on how to claim visit GOV.UK

Read advice on how to complete your claim form on the Carers UK website.

After you get your decision

If you receive an award this could lead to other entitlements, such as additional premiums on other benefits you may have, such as Housing Benefit or Pension Credit. 

Contact welfare rights if you need help to find out what benefits you are entitled to. Or use an online benefits calculator.

If you disagree with an Attendance Allowance decision then you can dispute this by asking for a mandatory reconsideration. If you still disagree with the reconsidered decision you have the right to appeal.

Local support

If you need help with an Attendance Allowance application, want to discuss a recent decision, or would like a benefit entitlement check then contact welfare rights.