Dispute a benefit decision


Dispute a benefit: Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

There are two stages to disputing a benefit, tax credit or universal credit decision.

Stage 1: Request a mandatory reconsideration

Phone or write to the office which made the original decision.

If you have an online Universal Credit account you can make this request on your journal.

You should do this within one calendar month of the date of decision (in some cases this can be extended to 13 months).

If you need help with your mandatory reconsideration request, contact Welfare Rights.

Stage 2: Appeal the decision

Once the decision has been reconsidered you may still disagree with the outcome. If this is the case you can submit an appeal on GOV.UK.

You should do this within one month of the reconsidered decision.

Your case will be heard by an independent appeal tribunal.

If you need representation for your appeal, contact Welfare Rights.