Council Tax banding and charges

The amount of council tax you have to pay is calculated by taking the full charge for your property's band, minus any council tax benefit, discount, exemption or relief.

From 1 April 2018 council tax in Angus will increase.

The council agreed a 3% increase across all council tax bands for 2018-19.

You can find out which council tax band your property is in, and information on appeals, at the Scottish Assessors Association website by entering your postcode.

The breakdown of the council tax increase is shown in the table below.

This council tax charge does not include Scottish Water's water and sewerage charges.

Band Current
From 1 April 2018
A 736.11 22.08 758.19
B 858.79 25.76 884.55
C 981.48 29.44 1010.92
D 1104.16 33.12 1137.28
E 1450.74 43.52 1494.26
F 1794.26 53.83 1848.09
G 2162.31 64.87 2227.18
H 2705.19 81.16 2786.35

Help to pay

Households with income of up to £25,000 may not have to pay the increased charge, you can apply for help through the revised council tax reduction scheme.

If you are a low income household and already receive a council tax reduction you do not need to re-apply. Your 2018/19 council tax notice will include any reduction you are entitled to.

How to pay

The easiest way to pay your council tax is in regular instalments by Direct Debit – you can pay monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

If you are having difficulty making your payments please contact us. We can set up a payment arrangement to prevent the build-up of debt.

Joint and several liability

Any persons who have a joint interest in a property as well as the spouse or partner of a liable person shall be jointly and severally liable for payment of Council Tax/Water/Sewerage Charges. With effect from 1 June 2001 full time students are exempt from joint and several liability while they remain students.