Asbestos in council houses

How we manage asbestos

We have a procedure for managing asbestos which includes appointing an independent consultant to survey/inspect our properties for asbestos.

This means:

  • your home may have already been surveyed and we are updating our records
  • if we are carrying out an improvement to your home we will carry out a full asbestos survey of your home, if one isn’t already available

The surveyors will give notice of when they wish to visit and their work should be completed in a single visit.

The reason for carrying out these surveys is to identify if there is asbestos in your home, and if it presents any risk and to advise you of the appropriate action we need to take.

We would be grateful for your co­operation if an inspection is required in your home. You should not give access to the surveyor unless they have shown you their identification. If you are concerned please contact ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778.

All new tenants will receive a letter detailing what we have done and where asbestos, that is no cause for concern, remains in the property.

Where a survey has been carried out prior to an improvement in your home, you will be contacted with the results of the survey if we need to take any remedial action.

Asbestos materials which are not damaged will have their condition monitored.

Asbestos will be removed where it is damaged or likely to be disturbed.