Empty homes


Empty homes in Angus

We want to increase the supply of housing for local individuals and families in Angus.

Empty homes cannot solve housing supply issues alone, but they can be part of a holistic solution to provide local affordable housing and to regenerate communities.

It is an owner’s responsibility to look after their property. However, if a home gets 'stuck' and is empty for a long time, then we may be able to help. Use the links below to find more information and advice.

The impact of empty homes

In some cases empty properties can have a detrimental impact on sustaining our neighbourhoods as vibrant and attractive places to live and work.

They can not only be defined as a wasted resource at a time when housing is in short supply, but can also cause a blight on our communities: attracting antisocial behaviour; encouraging damp and infestation through disrepair; and potentially lowering the value of neighbouring properties.

The benefits of returning properties into use

There are a number of positive reasons for owners to bring their property back into residential use, including:

  • to reduce overall costs of the property (Council Tax, insurance, maintenance)
  • to generate a regular rental income or capital sum if the property is sold
  • to reduce deterioration and avoid associated problems
  • to provide a suitable and safe home for a local individual or family.

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