Empty homes

A long term empty home can be defined as a privately owned residential property that has been vacant for six months or more.

The Angus Empty Homes Initiative brings unoccupied properties back into residential use.

Contact the empty homes officer for free advice on topics including:

  • selling
  • privately renting
  • renovating

Empty homes loan fund

This fund offers low interest loans from £5000 to £17,000 to help owners renovate homes that have been registered empty for six months or longer.

The loan must be used to bring an unoccupied property up to meet repairing standards and make it fit for occupation. Once an unoccupied property has been renovated it must be let out at or below Local Housing Allowance levels for the relevant property size for a minimum of five years.

To be considered the following criteria must be met:

  • the property must be registered unoccupied for six months or longer
  • there must be an expectation that the property would remain empty long term without additional funding support
  • the property must not be in a state of repair suitable for letting at the time the bid is submitted
  • for security purposes, any owner must have equity in the property that is at least double that of any loan bid

Contact the empty homes officer to find out more.

    Discounted merchant rates

    Through the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership practitioners have secured discounted rates for empty home owners at a number of national builders merchants. These companies can supply products that should enable owners to address most repairs and improvements.

    Contact the empty homes officer to find out more.

    VAT reductions on renovations

    If you are bringing a home that has been empty for two years or more back into use then you may be eligible to receive a reduced rate of VAT on eligible renovation works.

    To access this discount a VAT-registered contractor must be used. A similar scheme is also available for properties that have been unoccupied for over 10 years.

    The Empty Homes Officer can provide an owner with an evidence letter highlighting the last date of occupation.

    Contact the empty homes officer to find out more.

    Angus Council Property Matchmaker Scheme

    The scheme matches owners looking to sell their property with parties with an interest in purchasing empty property.

    It can be used when a property requires some form of repair works or if the property is in a condition that is ready to move into.

    We hold two lists; one of potential buyers and one of selling owners. We have information related to property type, approximate purchase price, and advisory lists of works that are required.

    When the empty homes officer spots a match between an empty home for sale and a buyer’s requirement, the empty home owner and the buyer will receive each other’s details to follow-up.

    Please note that the Property Matchmaker is not an estate agency, and all negotiations and sales processes take place between seller and buyer. We recommend that anyone who is seeking to sell their property obtains independent professional valuation and legal advice.

    To advertise a property using this service or to sign up as an interested buyer contact the empty homes officer.

    Report an empty property in your area to the Scottish Empty Homes Advice Service on 0344 515 1941 or email the empty homes officer.

    To find out how we will use any personal information you give us please view our Empty Homes Privacy Notice.