Development plan

The Development Plan sets out a vision of how communities will develop in the future.

It consists of the three main documents listed below, and associated supplementary documents. Details of these supplementary documents appear on the following pages.

TAYplan Strategic Development Plan

Sets out broadly how much and where development should go over a 20 year period. Includes housing, transport, employment, shopping, recreation, conserving and protecting the natural and built environment.

Used as a basis for decision making and provides the policy context for the Angus Local Development Plan

Angus Local Development Plan

Sets out detailed policies and proposals to guide development and investment over a 10 year period. Reviewed every five years and used as a basis for determining planning applications.

Cairngorms National Park Local Development Plan

Sets out policies and proposals for the development and use of land. Provides the basis for the assessment of all planning applications across the National Park.

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The Angus Local Development Plan (LDP) provides guidance on what and where development will or will not be allowed. It covers housing, employment, retail, transport, recreation and built and natural heritage.

The LDP provides the framework against which planning applications are assessed. The LDP is reviewed every five years. The latest version was adopted in September 2016.

Supplementary guidance

This supports the LDP and is an important consideration in the determination of planning applications.

Preparation and review of the Local Development Plan

The Angus Development Plan Scheme sets out our programme for preparing Angus Plan our next LDP. The scheme is updated annually.

Action programme

The Angus Local Development Plan Action Programme identifies the actions needed to implement the policies and proposals of the LDP.

Implementation of the Plan is a continuous process. The action programme is monitored regularly with a formal update published every two years until the Plan is replaced. The latest Action Programme was published in December 2020.

The current Angus Local Development Plan (LDP), which was adopted in September 2016, is now undergoing a review.

Updates on how we are progressing with the preparation of Angus Plan and how to keep informed about opportunities to get involved in our various engagement activities during the different stages of preparing Angus Plan will be available through our dedicated engagement hub - Shaping Angus - AngusPlan.

You can also follow progress on Angus Plan via Twitter @AngusPlan or by registering your contact details.

Statutory Supplementary Guidance expands upon existing policies and proposals to support the Angus Local Development Plan.

Statutory Supplementary Guidance is subject to extensive consultation and formal adoption procedures via Scottish ministers. This gives it significant weight when making planning decisions.

Adopted Statutory Supplementary Guidance

Written in support of policy TC2 Residential Development from the Angus Local Development Plan. Sets out criteria and requirements which housing in countryside locations must comply with.

Written in support of policy PV9: Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Development the guidance sets out the Spatial Framework for onshore wind energy and detailed criteria to assist the preparation and assessment of proposals for renewable and low carbon energy development.

Written in support of Policy DS5 Developer Contributions and Policy TC3 Affordable Housing, the guidance sets out the type of development required to make contributions, and the methodologies used in the calculation of contributions under Policies DS5 and TC3. 

Written in support of Policy DS3 Design Quality, the guidance sets out the expectations for the design of new development and how these should be achieved.

Further information regarding the Supplementary Guidance documents may be obtained from Angus Council by email to

Planning advice provides best practice guidance on how to meet the requirements of the Local Development Plan and its associated supplementary guidance.

Review of advice is a continuous process and is refreshed as required. The list below represents the most up to date planning advice.

Although the advice notes below require to be updated, they continue to provide useful information:

Technical guidance

Development briefs

Development briefs summarise our vision and requirements for the development of a particular site.

They are written to guide developers, and usually cover issues such as development density, linkages to surrounding areas, suitable uses on the site and any other planning obligations such as specific affordable housing requirements and the provision of open space and landscaping.

The following documents support the Angus Local Development Plan:

Angus settlements landscape capacity study

Assesses the landscape capacity for urban expansion across Arbroath, Brechin, Carnoustie, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Monifieth, Montrose, Edzell, Friockheim, Letham and Newtyle.

Town centre health checks

Town Centre Health Checks are recommended, through the planning system, as a way of analysing the factors which contribute to a successful town centre.

Retail floorspace survey (2017)

The Retail Floorspace Survey, undertaken every two years, is a survey of town centres in all seven Angus towns.

Strategic flood risk assessment

The principle of Strategic Flood Risk Management is to avoid locating new development in areas of flood risk. Directing all new development away from areas of flood risk in existing communities is not always a viable or sustainable option and there will be a need to ensure that development adapts to the changing climate.

Strategic environmental assessment statement

Shows how the environmental considerations and issues identified in the Environmental Assesment have been taken account of and integrated into the angus Local Development Plan

Angus housing land audit

Angus Employment Land Audit

Scottish vacant and derelict land survey

Since the Angus Local Development Plan was adopted in September 2016 we have focused on the implementation of the Plan, through our Action Programme.

A key focus has been maintaining regular contact with landowners and developers of allocated sites to ensure that we have an up to date understanding of market conditions, development progress and delivery issues across all sites identified in the Plan. This allows officers to be proactive and to help address any emerging issues quickly.

We maintain a development delivery database and live action programme map

Landowners and/or developers are encouraged to contact the Local Development Plan team when they have further information on the delivery of their site so we can reflect this in the live action programme map. Updated information on sites can be provided at any time.

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