Development plan


How the Development Plan works

The Development Plan sets out a vision of how communities will develop in the future.

It consists of the three main documents listed below, and associated supplementary documents. Details of these supplementary documents appear on the following pages.

TAYplan Strategic Development Plan

Sets out broadly how much and where development should go over a 20 year period. Includes housing, transport, employment, shopping, recreation, conserving and protecting the natural and built environment.

Used as a basis for decision making and provides the policy context for the Angus Local Development Plan

Angus Local Development Plan

Sets out detailed policies and proposals to guide development and investment over a 10 year period. Reviewed every five years and used as a basis for determining planning applications.

Cairngorms National Park Local Development Plan

Sets out policies and proposals for the development and use of land. Provides the basis for the assessment of all planning applications across the National Park.

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