Flooding on Angus roads

Published on Thursday 26 October 2023

When providing updates on roads closures in Angus due to Storm Babet, we emphasise this does not provide the full picture.

With a further Yellow Weather Warning for rain now in force and in place until midday on Sunday (29 Oct), drivers should still consider whether their journey is absolutely necessary.

Many roads may become flooded but not yet marked as being closed. If you find that a road is flooded, turn around and find another route.

Do not ignore Road Closed signs. Signs will be removed when a road can be safely re-opened.

The public should stay away from swollen rivers and not walk or drive through flood water. Just an egg-cupful of water sucked into a car's engine will lead to severe damage.

Although water may seem shallow, just 30cm (12 inches) of moving water can float a car, potentially taking it into even more dangerous deeper water.

Flood water also contains hidden hazards which can damage your car.

When faced with flood water, don’t drive through it. Turn around.

Angus Council’s severe weather watch page remains open and contains important updates and information.

Help and advice for people and businesses affected by severe flooding is also provided through our Flood recovery support page.