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April 2017 1 New Document
June 2018 2 Amended Document
September 2018 2 (Document Reviewed - no changes)
December 2018 3 Amended Document

The Building Standards Charter provides information about the standards of service that all verifiers should meet. This gives customers the reassurance that a consistent, high quality service will be delivered no matter which verifier provides the service.

It is divided into two parts:-

  1. National Charter; and
  2. Local Charter

Part 1: National Charter

Our Aims:

  • to grant building warrants and accept completion certificates.
  • to secure the health, safety, welfare and convenience of persons in and about buildings and others who may be affected by buildings or matters connected with buildings
  • furthering the conservation of fuel and power; and
  • furthering the achievement of sustainable development

Our Vision/Values:

To provide a professional, customer focused, timely and informative service to all our customers.

Our Commitments:

We will:

1. Seek to minimise the time it takes for customers to obtain a building warrant or amendment to a building warrant.

2. Ensure continuous improvement around the robustness of our verification assessments to ensure compliance.

3. Meet and seek to exceed customer expectations.

4. Carry out local customer satisfaction research, such as surveys, focus groups etc.

5. Address feedback obtained through local and national customer satisfaction research (including a National Customer Satisfaction Survey) to improve the customer experience.

6. Provide information on local formal complaints procedures and the LABSS Dispute Resolution Service. We will refer customers as required.

7. Provide accurate, evidence based financial data.

8. Engage and participate in partnership working at local and national level to identify and embed service improvements at a national level. Matters to be dealt with:-

  • technical consistency
  • training
  • resource sharing

9. Adhere to a national annual performance report outlining our objectives, targets and performance.

10. Adhere to the commitments outlined in this Charter. This includes information on customer dissatisfaction in relation to:

  • building warrant processing timescales,
  • general processes and procedures
  • technical interpretation

National Performance Targets:

Issue 95% of first reports (for building warrants and amendments) within 20 days (including building warrants and amendments issued without a first report).

Issue 90% of building warrants and amendments within 10 days from receipt of all satisfactory information (not including building warrants and amendments issued without a first report).

National Information on Verification:

National information on verification performance can be found at the Scottish Government website.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our target is to achieve a minimum overall average satisfaction rating of 7.5 out of 10 in any national customer survey undertaken by Scottish Government.

Part 2: Local Commitments

Pre-Application Discussions and Asking for Information or Advice

Where appropriate pre-application discussions are welcomed to encourage high quality Building Warrant applications. This allows an efficient process when Building Warrants are submitted.

By having pre-application discussions it will ultimately save you and the Council time in assessing/approving your Warrant. It will pinpoint areas where compliance is not being achieved at an early stage, thus reducing costly mistakes in the design process.

Building Standards, if you require, can arrange joint meetings with other interested bodies such as Scottish Fire & Rescue (Fire Safety Section), Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Development Management Section, Environmental & Consumer Protection Section etc. to discuss your proposals in order that they can ultimately be given approval from all the relevant statutory bodies.

Contact with Building Standards

Officers are available at Angus House, Orchardbank Business Park, Forfar, during office hours. It is recommended that an appointment be made with the Building Standards team member dealing with your application. If an application has not been lodged or an appointment is not made in advance, a Duty Officer will be available.

  • In person - If you are unable to call in to the office through disability or you may prefer to discuss your proposals on site, a site visit can be arranged.
  • Letters - We will respond to your letters within 15 working days. If a full response cannot be given within that time you will be given a target date.
  • Emails - We will reply within 1 working day either to answer your query or to inform you when a full response will be given.
  • Telephone calls – Calls will be answered quickly, normally within eight rings. and any phone message will be responded to within one working day. Sometimes it will be necessary, indeed in your own interest, to put the substance of your query in writing and to then receive a written response.

No acknowledgements will be given in respect of normal correspondence, the emphasis being placed on early replies within the above framework.

Building Warrant Applications

It is the applicant’s or agent’s responsibility to make sure that the application is submitted correctly. There are two methods of submitting an application. These are:-

Whatever method is used the warrant application must be accompanied by the correct fee before it can be validated. You may also find this fee calculator helpful.

Building Standards staff are available to assist you in applying for a building warrant.

The following are the standards of service you can expect from us in dealing with Building Warrant applications. We may not be able to meet these targets in all cases but we expect to most of the time.

When you submit a Building Warrant application we will:-

  • register all “valid” applications within 5 working days of receipt
  • notify you within 5 working days of receiving your application if it is “invalid” and explain what is required before it can be registered as “valid”
  • provide you with a technical response, or issue your Building Warrant as applicable, within 20 working days from the validation of your application
  • enter into agreement with you (customer agreement) to respond to your Building Warrant application within an agreed timescale

Other than those applications covered by a customer agreement, if you have not received a technical response, or a Building Warrant, as applicable, within 35 working days from receipt of your valid application you have the right to request resolution to the matter. This may be done, in the first instance, by contacting our Building Standards Manager on 01307 473249 or by e-mail at

You may also contact the Building Standards Division

Examples of applications where a customer agreement can be entered into are:-

  • applications which have an impact on the economic development of Angus
  • applications for adaptations to dwellinghouse to suit the needs of a person with a disability
  • applications which can be assessed under our Instant Plan Assessment Service

Once your Application has been approved

We will:-

  • Provide you with a digital set of your approved documents


  • Issue you with a Construction Compliance Notification Plan(CCNP) and associated Completion Checklist. The CCNP will give details of the stages of work that we require to inspect and any actions that require to be carried out by you as the property owner / developer. The Completion Checklist will give full details on the documentation that requires to be submitted along with your Completion Certificate.
  • The Construction Compliance Notification Plan will give details of the stages of work that we require to inspect. It will also give details of the actions that require to be carried out by you as the property owner / developer.
  • Carry out routine site visits within 3 working days of the request if required.
  • If site visits reveal departures from approved plans or there are areas of work which do not comply with the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 2004 the applicant/agent, if not notified on site, shall be notified of them in writing. It is the responsibility of the applicant or his agent to notify us when the works are ready for re-inspection.
  • Full and accurate records of site visits will be kept detailing:
    • the date the inspection/test was carried out;
    • who attended the inspection/test;
    • what works were inspected and whether they were found to be in order;
    • any departures from the approved plans;
    • the areas of work which do not comply with the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 2004.
  • Respond to 95% of Certificate of Completion submissions within 10 working days.
  • An acceptance of Certificate of Completion will be issued within five working days of the last inspection/required documentation where:-
    • all work was found to have been completed in accordance with the approved plans and the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 2004; and
    • all appropriate Certification has been received; and
    • the Completion Certificate submission has been made in the appropriate manner.


Property Transfer Procedures (pre-1 May 2005)


Requests for non-statutory “Letters of Comfort” in respect of earlier Building Warrant applications where no Certificate of Completion exists, minor unauthorised works undertaken without the benefit of a Building Warrant, will be responded to/assessed within 20 working days. Refer to the ‘Property Transfer Procedures’ Application Form for details and fees payable.


Work carried out without the benefit of a building warrant after 1 May 2005 shall be dealt in accordance with the Building(Scotland) Act 2003. This will require the submission of a ‘Completion Certificate Where No Warrant Was Obtained’.


The above noted forms can be found at:



It is a requirement of the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 and the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 that we keep a register of all Building Warrants, Amendment to Building Warrants and Completion Certificates. The register is in two parts.

Part 1 is available online

Part 1 contains a list of all applications including details of certificates from approved certifiers submitted in support of Building Warrants or Completion Certificates and decision and copies of notices served under Sections 25 to 30 of the Building (Scotland) Act when issued, altered or withdrawn.

Part 2 consists of copies of Building Warrants, Completion Certificates, certificates from approved certifiers, principal drawings and specifications and all other relevant documents.

We shall maintain Part 1 of the register in accordance with statutory requirements.

We shall maintain Part 2 of the register for 25 years and thereafter for such period in accordance with guidance issued by Scottish Ministers.

The disclosure or copying of documents from the Building Standards register shall not be permitted, where security concerns are raised, unless the owner of the building has consented, in writing, to the disclosure or copying. In addition where the relevant building is a residential building disclosure or copying of Part 2 of the register shall not be permitted unless the person requesting disclosure or copies of documents is the owner/occupier, tenant or prospective owner, occupier, tenant of the relevant building or adjoining building.


Our purpose is to provide all our customers with a good quality service that gets things right first time.

We email out a Customer Survey link with every Building Warrant approval and Completion Certificate Acceptance. This gives you the opportunity to tell us how we dealt with your Building Warrant and/or Completion Certificate. Alternatively you can complete our online survey.

Problems can normally be resolved informally by simply contacting us. If however you do wish to make a formal complaint, the Council operates a formal complaints procedure

You can record details of any compliment or comment on service delivery by referring to the Council’s Customer Care Standards.

If you disagree with an interpretation of the building standards that we are adopting in the consideration of a building warrant that you have submitted or will require to submit you may request an interpretation through the LABSS (Local Authority Building Standards Scotland) Dispute Resolution Process.


Building Standards are based at Angus House, Orchardbank Business Park, Orchardbank, Forfar, DD8 1AN, telephone 03452 777 778. By reference to the Council’s website you can obtain details of all Building Standards team members.

Guidance notes and application forms noted in this Charter are available:-

  • by visiting the Council’s website at and accessing the Building Standards page or at any Council Office; or
  • by telephoning 03452 777 778 and requesting information to be sent to you, or
  • by e-mailing

Performance (March 2019)

  • first reports issued or warrant approved within 20 working days: 100% (target 95%)
  • building warrants and amendments issued within 10 working days from receipt of all satisfactory information: 98.7% (target 90%)
  • completion certificates responded to within 10 working days: 100% (target 100%)

Customer contact summary of performance (March 2019)

  • calls returned within one working day: 85% (target 85%)
  • emails replied to within one working day: 89% (target 85%)
  • calls answered within eight rings: 100% (target 85%)

Customer survey

National customer survey

Balanced scorecard/Annual performance report