Development plan

Supplementary guidance

Statutory Supplementary Guidance expands upon existing policies and proposals to support the Angus Local Development Plan.

Statutory Supplementary Guidance is subject to extensive consultation and formal adoption procedures via Scottish ministers. This gives it significant weight when making planning decisions.

Adopted Statutory Supplementary GuidanceĀ 

Sets out the levels of contributions, methodologies for their calculation, including thresholds, exemptions and viability considerations and provides further detail on the implementation of affordable housing.

Written in support of policy TC2 Residential Development from the Angus Local Development Plan. Sets out criteria and requirements which housing in countryside locations must comply with.

Written in support of policy PV9: Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Development the guidance sets out the Spatial Framework for onshore wind energy and detailed criteria to assist the preparation and assessment of proposals for renewable and low carbon energy development.

Future Statutory Supplementary Guidance

Supplementary guidance on Design Quality and Placemaking will be available in due course.