Development plan

Planning advice and guidance

Non-statutory supplementary guidance is guidance which has been agreed by Angus Council but not approved by Scottish Ministers. While it does not have as much 'weight' as Statutory Supplementary Guidance, it should be considered best practice and is therefore a material consideration during decision making.

Householder Development Planning Advice Note

This has been adopted as Non-Statutory Supplementary Guidance in support of the Angus Local Development Plan.

Other Planning Advice Notes

These advice notes will remain until such time as they are reviewed, updated or superseded. Where new advice notes are prepared these will be consulted upon prior to being finalised. Please note that some of the references within these documents are out of date and do not reflect the current development plan position. Whilst they continue to provide useful information, pre application advice should also be sought.

Development briefs

Development briefs summarise our vision and requirements for the development of a particular site.

They are written to guide developers, and usually cover issues such as development density, linkages to surrounding areas, suitable uses on the site and any other planning obligations such as specific affordable housing requirements and the provision of open space and landscaping.

    Other non-statutory supplementary guidance

    Studies the capacity of the landscape to accommodate windfarm development as well as the impact of windfarm development

    Considers capacity for onshore wind energy development. Assesses landscape sensitivity and value of the different landscape character types and areas together with the evolving wind energy development scenario.

    Based on the premise that, given current renewable energy targets, it is accepted there will be a degree of landscape change and effects on visual amenity resulting from wind energy development that will require careful management.