Development plan


Development delivery/live action programme

Since the Angus Local Development Plan was adopted in September 2016 we have focused on the implementation of the Plan, through our Action Programme.

A key focus has been maintaining regular contact with landowners and developers of allocated sites to ensure that we have an up to date understanding of market conditions, development progress and delivery issues across all sites identified in the Plan. This allows officers to be proactive and to help address any emerging issues quickly.

We maintain a development delivery database and live action programme map

Landowners and/or developers are encouraged to contact the Local Development Plan team when they have further information on the delivery of their site so we can reflect this in the live action programme map. Updated information on sites can be provided at any time.

Contact Us

Should you have any queries regarding any of the information contained within the live action programme map or if you are a developer or landowner looking to discuss any aspect of your site, including providing updated information relating to site delivery then email