Pre-application advice and surgeries

Our pre-application advice service is currently suspended and we will not provide bespoke advice on development proposals.

General advice is provided below.


Other works


We cannot provide bespoke advice or comment on specific proposals at this time.

We encourage you to get an architect/planning consultant or other qualified agent to help with your application. They should:

  • identify policies that will be relevant to the determination of your application
  • identify information that will be required to support your application
  • prepare a statement to support your application addressing relevant policies and planning considerations is not accompanied by information that, in our opinion, justifies a departure from the policy or guidance

Proposals likely to be supported

Proposals that comply with the council’s policies as set out in the Angus Local Development Plan and its associated supplementary guidance and planning advice notes are most likely to be supported.

Proposals unlikely to be supported

A proposal is unlikely to be supported if it:

  • does not comply with council policy and associated guidance and
  • is not accompanied by information that, in our opinion, justifies a departure from the policy or guidance

If you intend to depart from the policy or guidance you must submit a supporting statement justifying the departure with your application.


We have a legal duty to consider whether a development is likely to affect bats.

The Bat Conservation Trust publishes good practice guidelines. These include advice on when bat surveys are likely to be required.

We will ask for a bat survey before we determine a planning application if:

  • good practice guidelines indicate that a bat survey is required or
  • there is reasonable evidence to suggest that a proposal may affect bats

. This helps establish whether bats are present and what impact a proposal may have on them.

Listed buildings and conservation areas

There are special rules and considerations if your proposal affects a listed building or a building in a conservation area.

Find out more about conservation areas.

The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland has a list of registered architects who are qualified and experienced to act as the lead professional in conservation work.

Other consents

Your proposal may require other consents, such as:

Before you start any work, get a qualified and experienced agent to ensure you have all the permissions and consents you need.