Free school transport

We provide free school transport to:

  • primary pupils who attend and live more than two miles from their catchment school
  • secondary pupils who attend and live more than three miles from their catchment school

We may also provide free school transport:

  • for pupils who have additional support needs
  • where the normal walking route fails to meet certain safety criteria
  • on medical grounds in certain cases

If you live within the walking distance or your child attends school as the result of a placing request you will not be entitled to free transport.

If you live on or near a school contract route, your child may be allocated a spare seat free of charge. We cannot guarantee these seats, and they may be withdrawn for an entitled pupil at any time. Applications for these seats must be submitted each year.

If the bus in your area is registered as a local school bus service then your child may be able to travel on the bus and pay a fare to the driver. You can get information on fares from the bus company which operates the route.

Applications are only required if your children are entering P1, S1, S5 and S6. Unless your circumstances change applications are not required for pupils entering P2-7 and S2-4.

Apply for free school transport

For pupils entering P1 the application will be valid up to P7. You will only need to reapply if your circumstances change.

Secondary pupils have to apply for transport in S1, S5 and S6 unless circumstances change. S5 and S6 pupils should apply for transport even if they are unsure if they will return to school.

For more information on free school travel read our Home to school transport policy.

Pick-up points

Your child will have a designated pick up point and may need to walk to/from home to meet the school bus. This will be up to two miles for primary children or up to three miles for secondary children.

It is your responsibility to supervise your children to/from their designated pick-up point.

Transport passes

Transport passes are normally issued at school on the first day of session. If a pass is lost, you’ll be charged £2.50 for a replacement. Please pay for this pass using the school ParentPay system. If your child no longer requires transport or leaves the school, the pass must be returned to the school.

Pupils with additional support needs

Transport may be arranged for pupils who have additional support needs and are not able to walk to school. Transport may also be granted on medical grounds in certain cases.

For more information or to apply contact us using our enquiries form.

Guidance for parents and carers

If your child has additional support needs and receives transport to school, please follow these guidelines:

  • meet the vehicle both in the morning and the afternoon – don’t keep the vehicle waiting as other passengers have to get to their destinations on time
  • make sure your child is well enough to travel and attend school
  • provide at least ten days’ notice of changes such as a new wheelchair
  • submit a new application if you are changing address
  • don’t ask the driver to drop your child at a different address
  • if your child will not be travelling, let the contractor and school know
  • tell the driver or escort about things your child might find comforting as well as about things that upset them
  • let the driver know if your child gets car sick
  • make sure your child visits the toilet before the journey
  • if you are unexpectedly delayed and cannot get home before your child is returned, call 03452 777778
  • exchange mobile numbers with the driver to aid good communication