Information for children and young people

Keeping yourself safe

Keep yourself and other children and young people safe. You can be hurt or harmed by what people do or say to you. So always be a good friend and:

  • listen to each other
  • respect everyone as an individual
  • respect their wishes - don't gossip
  • be sensitive to other people's likes and dislikes
  • encourage your friends to feel good - don't put them down
  • support each other

If someone hurts you remember it's not your fault. This is what you should do about it:

  • share your problems
  • talk to someone you trust
  • be a good friend

If someone hurts you, remember it's not your fault. This is what you should do about it:

  • tell a teacher or other adult you trust
  • think about what you want to say
  • don't give up - keep telling someone until they hear
  • think about yourself and your rights

If a friend tells you they are being harmed you should:

  • listen to them
  • say you want to help
  • tell an adult you both trust. Some things can't be kept secret
  • respect your friend's wishes

If you suspect a friend is being harmed then you should:

  • listen to what they have to say
  • talk to an adult you can trust about your concerns
  • let your friend know that you are there for them

If you want to you can talk to a social worker by contacting ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778. You can also get advice from Police Scotland by phoning 101.