Recycling centres

Furniture that can't be repaired or reused can be taken to a recycling centre.

Put wooden furniture in the wood skip. Remove all fabric, foam and rubber first.

Metal furniture goes in the scrap metal skip.

Furniture made of plastic or a mix of materials should be put in the nonrecyclable (general) waste skip. General waste skips are only available at Arbroath, Forfar and Montrose recycling centres.

Special uplifts

The council can uplift furniture for recycling at a cost.


When buying new furniture check if the retailer can dispose of your old items.


If your furniture is suitable for repair or reuse you can donate it to charity or reuse organisations.

Household furniture (clean and in good condition) can be left in the BHF reuse cabin in Arbroath recycling centre.

Upholstered furniture (such as a sofa) must have an intact fire safety label. If it doesn't charities and reuse organisations won't accept it.