Recycling centres

There are five recycling centres in Angus.

View the page for each centre to see locations, opening hours and what items we accept:

Kirriemuir and Monifieth recycling centres closed permanently in May 2023.

Bookings for all vans, pick-ups and trailers

You must pre-book if visiting a recycling centre with any sized van, pick-up or trailer carrying household or commercial waste.

You don't need to book visits for cars carrying household waste, or mobility vehicles.

Book a visit for a van, pick-up or trailer

Once you’ve booked we’ll email you a booking reference.

Site staff will check your booking electronically on arrival.

Commercial waste

Current guidance on commercial waste at recycling centres

Why we have a booking system

Vans and trailers can take longer to unload and take up more space when queuing. This can increase traffic disruption. Having a booking system helps reduce queues and keeps traffic flowing.

Small vans and pick-ups now need to book. We consider it fairer to include vehicles that are generally associated with commercial use.

We accept that some households use these vehicles as their domestic vehicle. These vehicles will still need to book, but there will be no charge if they are bringing household waste.