Arbroath recycling centre

Currently closed

Our recycling centres in Arbroath, Forfar, Monifieth and Montrose will reopen on a restricted basis on Monday 1 June.

Residents are asked not to visit recycling centres unless absolutely necessary, and only if the waste cannot be stored safely at home. This request is to help reduce problems with queued traffic.

If you must visit a recycling centre, then go to the one closest to your home.

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or self-isolating should NOT visit a recycling centre.

Brechin, Carnoustie and Kirriemuir centres will re-open as soon as health and safety guidance and staffing resource permits.

For more information including opening hours, traffic management and items we will accept, view our recycling centres page.

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Cairnie Loan
DD11 4DS

Please note - due to COVID-19 the British Heart Foundation are closing their reuse cabin in Arbroath Recycling Centre until further notice. 


Non-recyclable waste (general waste) is only accepted at Arbroath, Montrose and Forfar recycling centres.

Visit the What to do with... pages on the Recycle for Scotland website to find out where to recycle items not listed below.

Household batteries

All household batteries such as those used in a torch, children's games or a camera can be recycled in the battery bin. We also accept button batteries such as those in watches or hearing aids.


We accept bikes at all centres except Brechin. At Brechin, bikes go in the scrap metal skip.


We accept food and drinks cans, aerosol cans and biscuit tins. Rinse cans out and make sure aerosol cans are empty. 

Car batteries

We only accept car batteries from householders. Dispose of large (or other) commercial batteries via an appropriate contractor.


Flatten cardboard and remove contaminants such as polystyrene, shrink-wrapped plastic or string.

Cooking oil

We accept small quantities of waste household cooking oil. Please see the onsite attendant.

Electrical and electronic equipment

We accept household: 

  • fridges and freezers*
  • large electrical appliances such as cookers and washing machines
  • small electrical appliances such as kettles, toasters, vacuum cleaners and computer towers
  • televisions, monitors, laptops and tablets
  • fluorescent tubes and low energy lightbulbs

* Ensure fridges and freezers do not contain food/food residues or stagnant water. The electrical waste collection company will not uplift contaminated items.   

Engine Oil

Householders can bring small quantities of waste engine oil. We do not accept hydraulic oils such as brake fluid or other oils.

Food waste

Cooked or uncooked:

  • dairy
  • meat
  • bones
  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • bread
  • rice and pasta
  • fish
  • tea/coffee grounds
  • gravy or soup – please strain first
  • pet food (tinned and dry)

Garden waste

We only accept green, biodegradable garden waste such as flowers, plants hedge clippings and branches. You can have your garden waste uplifted by subscribing to our garden waste service.

Gas bottles

Try to return your gas bottle where you bought it. You will usually get a refund.

Gas bottles are accepted from householders only, and are stored on site within a wire cage until uplifted by the appropriate supplier. We don't accept oxygen/medical gas cylinders. Return these to the NHS/supplier.

We don't accept gas cylinders containing acetylene, oxygen or similar used for welding/cutting. These can usually be retuned to the supplier as shown on the cylinder.


We provide bins for mixed colours of glass. Glass must be rinsed and lids removed.

Liquid food and drinks cartons

We accept rinsed paper-based food and drinks cartons such as those used for fruit juice, custard, and soup. Please put cartons in the mixed plastics and cans bin.


We accept:

  • newspapers
  • magazines and brochures
  • office grade paper
  • junk mail
  • phone directories
  • catalogues
  • paper-backed books 
  • envelopes (including those with windows)

We do not accept wallpaper, potato or seed bags. Please don't tie bundles of paper together as string is a contaminant. We can't take hard-backed books or catalogues as their covers are resistant to breaking down.


Plasterboard is accepted at all sites except Kirriemuir and Monifieth.  It should be separated from any material it has been attached to. This means no timber, tiles or other contaminants can be put in the plasterboard skip.

Plastic bottles

We accept all plastic household bottles. Please rinse and squash.

Plastic food containers

Clean mixed plastic food containers are accepted including:

  • washed yoghurt and margarine tubs
  • ready-meal food trays
  • fruit and vegetable punnets


A rubble skip is available at all centres.

We accept stone, masonry, sands and gravel, ceramic WC, wash-hand basin or tiles.

Scrap metal

Old ironing boards, piping or chicken wire etc go in the scrap metal skip. If you are unsure about an item please speak to the site attendant.

Shoes and handbags

We accept all shoes and handbags. Where shoes and handbags are in good condition please donate to charity.

Soil and turf

A skip accepting soil and turf is available at all centres except Brechin. No bags, stones, wood or rubble to be put into the skip.


We accept clothes, bed linen and curtains. No quilts or pillows please. Where textile items are in good condition please donate to charity.


A wood skip is available at each recycling centre. We accept all types of wood including chipboard.

Other items

Visit the What to do with... pages on the Recycle for Scotland website to find out where to recycle items not listed above.

  • no pedestrian access
  • no wheeled bins
  • finish offloading material before closing time
  • you are responsible for offloading your waste (including bulky or heavy items)
  • make sure your waste goes in the right container
  • there is a charge for commercial waste


If you are bringing household waste to a recycling centre in a van, trailer or commercial style vehicle you will need a household waste permit


  • trailers are allowed access to all recycling centres
  • we reserve the right to restrict access to any vehicle
  • large or unusual vehicles such as horse boxes or motor homes can only access Arbroath, Forfar or Montrose. An appointment is necessary. Call ACCESSLine Monday to Friday on 03452 777 778 to arrange one.

Safety and security

In line with our customer charter, we have a zero tolerance policy regarding abusive or aggressive behaviour towards our staff. We use CCTV monitoring to ensure the safety and security of staff and the public at our recycling centres.

Free soil enhancer is produced locally from garden waste collected from Angus households. Help yourself using your own bags (three maximum).