Changes to bin collections


What's changing

New blue bins for every household

All households will get a new blue bin. The blue bin is for paper and cardboard only. We'll empty your new blue bin every four weeks.

Continue to put plastic bottles and pots, tubs and trays, and food and drinks cans and cartons in the grey bin. Your grey bin will be collected every four weeks, on the alternate fortnight from the blue bin. Glass will be collected separately at glass recycling points.

We’ll add a sticker to your grey bin with details of what to put in it. We will do this on the same day we deliver your new blue bin, or on another grey bin collection day.

The blue bin will be the same size as your grey bin (240 litre capacity).

Expanded food waste collections

Food waste collections will be extended to around 4000 extra households, in areas between villages and towns already receiving the service.

We don't provide food waste caddies to properties on private roads. If you live on a private road, and there are several properties on your road who would like to make use of a shared brown 140 litre bin (presented at the end of the road), you can request a bin for shared food collections.  

Food waste collections will not be available in the glens.

More glass recycling points

We plan to increase the number of glass recycling points from 23 to around 190.

We would encourage family and friends to help those who may be unable to bring their glass to a recycling point. 

You can suggest a location for one of the new glass recycling points on the Engage Angus website.

Visit our page on glass recycling points to learn why we are changing the way we collect glass.

Checks on purple bins

The purple non-recyclable waste bin will continue to be collected every two weeks.

We will check the content of purple bins. If there are too many recyclable items in a purple bin, we will stick a tag on it. Where there are ongoing issues, tagged bins could be left unemptied until the recyclables are removed.

If your bin is tagged and you are struggling to recycle, you can discuss this with us. If you are disabled or infirm we will take that into account.

BSL users can contact the council using Scotland's national BSL video interpreting relay service: Contact Scotland BSL.

Changes for commercial customers

Recycling changes will apply to commercial customers who can also make use of the new blue bin, and continue to recycle plastic bottles and cans in their current recycling bin.

Separate collections of glass and cardboard will continue as usual.

We will contact customers before the changes to discuss your requirements.

For more information, see our guidance on the services we provide.

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