Changes to bin collections


Your new blue bin

To ensure everyone manages their waste efficiently and recycles as much as possible, it is important you have a complete set of bins.

Your new blue bin will be the same size as the standard grey bin (240 litre capacity).

The amount of paper, card and cardboard that goes in the bin will of course vary from household to household. But this size should be enough to hold four weeks’ worth of recyclable material.

If, after two or three collections, you find that your bin is too small for the amount of paper, card and cardboard you need to recycle, you can order an extra blue bin.

And if your bin only has a small amount in it on collection day, you can still put it out for collection.

There is no option to opt out of having a blue bin.

If you have a front or back garden, you should keep your blue bin there. If you have no outdoor space, we will assess your property for options.

Request an assessment of your property

Flats and communal bins

We are carrying out assessments at flats and communal bin areas to ensure there is space for the new bins.

If you live in a flat or communal bin area, there is no need to contact us to ask for an assessment.

Road-end collections

We are carrying out assessments for collections that take place at the end of private roads.

If you have a road-end collection, there is no need to contact us to ask for an assessment.

We will contact you if we find that changes need to be made to accommodate your blue bin.


If you are currently on sack collections, we are already aware and there is no need to contact us for an assessment.

You will receive new sacks so you can collect your recyclables separately, in line with the new system.

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