Angus Council conditions of service


Grievance procedure

The grievance procedure is intended to enable employees to seek redress for complaints relating to their employment where normal management/employee communication has failed to resolve matters. The procedure aims to resolve complaints at as early a stage as possible. The procedure applies should you wish to complain formally about any matter relating to your work or the terms of your contract of employment except issues relating to your grade/flexible working/harassment or bullying/disciplinary matters, for which the council has separate procedures.

  • You are entitled to be accompanied at a grievance hearing or appeal by a work colleague, a trade union representative or official;
  • A complaint may be submitted and pursued by a group of employees or by a trade union on their behalf;
  • the Service Director may be represented during the procedure by another nominated officer;
  • Should your service fail to comply with the time limits, unless this has been agreed by you, you may move to the next stage in the procedure;
  • Should you fail to comply with the time limits, unless this has been agreed by your service, your grievance will not be progressed;
  • A grievance which has been dealt with by the procedure cannot be reconsidered within a 12-month period.

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