Angus Council conditions of service


Temporarily Undertaking the Duties of a Higher Graded Job

If you are undertaking the duties of a higher graded job, you will receive an ‘acting up’ payment subject to the following –

If you are on grade:

  • LG1 or LG2, you will receive the acting up payment after one day
  • LG3 or LG4, after two weeks
  • LG5 or above, after four weeks

Once you become entitled to a payment, the payment will be backdated to the day the acting up duties began but excludes days if covering holidays or self-certified absence. However, if to avoid operational failure, you are required to undertake the full range of duties of a higher graded post on an acting up basis, the payment will apply after one day irrespective of your grade or the reason for the acting up. The level of acting up payment will be determined by the extent of the higher graded duties being undertaken. This will be expressed as a % and based on the difference between your salary placing and the minimum point of the higher grade. The only exception to this will be if you are on the maximum of your grade and you are undertaking duties of a post one grade higher. In this circumstance, the calculation will be based on the difference between your salary and the second point of the higher grade.

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