Angus Local Access Forum

Angus Local Access Forum is an independent advisory group giving advice on access rights and other outdoor access matters.


Current members

The current members are:

  • Andrew Matthews - has an interest in access as an access taker and small scale landowner, currently Vice-Chair of the Lunan Bay Communities Partnership Steering Group
  • Mairi Simms – has experience of disability access and introducing people to the outdoors
  • John Hamilton ‒ a long time member of Scotways with responsibility for the Angus area
  • Fiona Waddell - has a particular interest in horse riding
  • Irene McGugan - member of Ramblers and actively involved in various walking groups
  • Jonathan Dymock - a land agent with experience of upland and lowland estates, currently resident agent at Southesk Estate
  • Euan Walker-Munro - landowner and farmer, NFUS branch chair and community council member
  • Michelle Spink - has a particular interest in environmental education. She runs an outdoor learning business and has worked as a ranger at Lunan Bay
  • Norma Lyall - has a primary interest in recreational access and has lived on and worked for an estate in the Angus Glens


  • Angus Council – Team Leader, Environment and Climate Change
  • Scottish Natural Heritage ‒ offer advice upon request
  • Scottish Forestry  ‒ offer advice upon request

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