Nursery, playgroups, childminders and childcare

Childcare for ages 3 and 4

All children are eligible for a funded early learning and childcare place from the first available enrolment date after their third birthday.

A child is entitled to a total of 600 hours of early learning and childcare per school year. This usually means 16 hours a week during term time, throughout the school year.

This can be with:

  • one of our nursery classes
  • a private or voluntary provider

Different providers offer different models of hours. Contact the head teacher/manager of your preferred provider to discuss your options.

About nurseries and playgroups

Children up to the age of five can play and learn at nursery or playgroup. These could be voluntary, private or council run.

Unlike school, your child doesn't legally have to go to nursery or any kind of pre-school.

Nurseries are are inspected and registered by the Care Inspectorate.

Find a nursery or playgroup in your area on the Scottish Family Information Service website.

How to apply

Return the completed application form with proof of residence to the Head Teacher/Manager of your preferred service who will advise of the sessions available

Download an application form

Proof of Residence

When completing an application for an Early Learning & Childcare place, you will be asked to provide 2 forms of proof of residence. These may be in the form of:-

  • Council Tax Letter
  • Job Centre Plus Letter
  • Bank/Building Society Statement
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Utility Bill (e.g. Electricity, Gas, Telephone)
  • Utility Connection Letter
  • Driving Licence/V5 Vehicle Registration Document
  • Department of Work and Pensions Letter

Acceptance Deadline

Formal acceptance of a nursery place must be made by returning the acceptance slip to the nursery by the date indicated on the notification letter. Failure to do so will result in the need to complete a subsequent application.


From August 2018 admission dates for three and four-year-olds will be:

Children born between*

NB any child born before 17 April 2015 is also eligible to start

Eligible to start nursery Application deadline for local authority nurseries Notification from local authority nurseries by Parent/carer acceptance of place by
17 April 2015 and 31 August 2015 Start of autumn term (Tuesday 14 August 2018) 20 April 2018 25 May 2018 8 June 2018
1 September 2015 and 15 October 2015 Start of winter term (Monday 15 October 2018) 31 August 2018 14 September 2018 28 September 2018
16 October 2015 and 7 January 2016 Start of spring term (Monday 7 January 2019) 2 November 2018 23 November 2018 7 December 2018
8 January 2016 and 23 April 2016 Start of summer term (Tuesday 23 April 2019) 8 February 2019 1 March 2019 15 March 2019

Priority categories for early learning and childcare places at local authority nurseries:

Category 1 All children in catchment area of nursery within a date of birth range 01/03/2014– 28/02/2015 (inc. deferrals) for session 2018-19
Category 2 All children in catchment area of nursery within a date of birth range 01/03/2015 – 28/02/2016 for session 2018-19
Category 3 All eligible two-year-olds who turn two after 01/03/2016 for session 2018-19 (This should only be used by settings who provide 2two-year-old places)
Category 4 Outwith catchment area children with siblings already in attendance at this nursery/school
Category 5 All children who live part of the time with a parent who resides within the catchment area of the nursery/school (proof of residence should be sought for this)
Category 6 Angus residents living outwith the catchment area of the nursery
Category 7 All non-Angus residents

In the case of St Thomas’ and St Margaret’s Roman Catholic Primary Schools only, the above priorities apply but within any one category, priority will be given to pupils who have been baptised in the Roman Catholic faith. This will be confirmed by inspection of the Baptismal Certificate.

*In subsequent years the year of birth will increase incrementally to reflect the age range respectively in each category.

Children with additional support needs

The placement of children with additional support needs is determined at multi-agency meetings held within timescale for application to nursery.

Recommendations such as placement in a nursery within a specifically resourced school are made based on the additional support needs of the child and the level of support required to best meet the child’s needs.

In the event of a request for an additional support placement where a child has not been assessed, the Head Teacher should consult with Additional Support Needs (ASN) Team.

Allocation of Nursery Places

Whenever possible, we will endeavour to meet parental preferences. However, if requests exceed the number of places available then the single criterion of age within each category will be used (with priority being given to the oldest).

If your child is not given a place at your first choice nursery, your application will be moved to 2nd choice and so on. However places will have already been allocated and your preferred sessions may not be available.

Entitlement is to receive up to 600 hours of a funded early learning and childcare place which may be within any Private and Voluntary Provider in partnership within Angus Council or Local Authority Nursery where places are available.

Enrolment for Primary One

Attendance at a nursery outwith your catchment area will not give your child priority for a place at that school when starting P1.