Universal credit

Universal Credit in Angus

Universal Credit is now delivering a Full Service across the Angus area. This means that from 08 November 2017, new claims for any of the legacy benefits it is replacing will not be accepted and claimants will now have to make a claim for Universal Credit instead.

Use the postcode checker below to find out if you meet the conditions for claiming Universal Credit.

New claimants who have three or more children are presently unable to make a ‘Full Service’ Universal Credit claim. This will change in 2019 when the UC system will change to allow claims from people with three or more children. If you have three or more children and need to make a new benefit claim you can still claim one or more of the legacy benefits.

If you are in receipt of one of the legacy benefits and then have a significant change in circumstances then it is highly likely you will move over to Universal Credit. This chart from Newcastle Welfare Rights Service gives several examples of what could trigger a move over to Universal Credit ‘Full Service’.

In 2019, a gradual process of moving existing legacy benefit claimants over to Universal Credit will begin. The UK Government expect that process will be completed by 2022.

For further advice or assistance speak to a local Jobcentre Plus work coach, alternatively contact our welfare rights service or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.