Universal credit


Universal Credit in Angus

Universal Credit is available across Angus. You are unable to claim any of the benefits it is replacing unless you have a current benefit award which contains a Severe Disability Premium (SDP), or you were entitled to an award of SDP in the previous month.   


If you are in receipt of a legacy benefit then have a significant change in circumstances it is likely you will move over to Universal Credit. 


During 2019, a pilot process of moving existing legacy benefit claimants over to Universal Credit began, the pilot is randomly selecting 10,000 legacy benefit claimants from the Harrogate area of England to move over to Universal Credit. From late 2020 the DWP will then start migrating more legacy benefit claimants from across the UK over to Universal Credit and they expect that process will be completed by 2024.

For further advice or assistance speak to a local Jobcentre Plus work coach, alternatively contact our welfare rights service or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.