Universal credit

Your claimant commitment

In order to qualify for Universal Credit, you have to meet certain work-related requirements which are recorded in a Claimant Commitment.

A Claimant Commitment is an agreement which details what will be expected of you in order to receive Universal Credit. It could involve actively seeking work and having regular meetings with your work coach at your local Jobcentre Plus office.

Disabilities, health conditions, caring responsibilities and any current employment or voluntary work will be taken into account.  In certain circumstances you may not have any work-related requirements.

Your Claimant Commitment can be reviewed and updated at any point during your claim. If you wish to discuss your claimant commitment we recommend that you add a UC Journal entry for the attention of your work coach.

This video gives an overview of a Claimant Commitment.

View a transcript of the About your Claimant Commitment video.

For more information on the Claimant Commitment visit GOV.UK

If you would like more information or advice then please contact our  welfare rights service or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.