Montrose recycling centre

Do not visit if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are self-isolating.

Opening hours

Monday: 9.15am to 4pm

Tuesday: 9.15am to 4pm

Wednesday (April to September): 12.15pm to 7pm

Wednesday (October to March): 9.15am to 4pm

Thursday: 9.15am to 4pm

Friday: 9.15am to 4pm

Saturday: 9.15am to 4pm

Sunday: 9.15am to 4pm

Vehicles and permits

Smaller vehicles such as cars and small vans do not need to pre-book a visit.

Transit-type vans and trailers must be pre-booked. 

Book a visit for a Transit-type van or trailer

No need to pre-book - cars and small vans         Examples
  • cars including estate cars
4x4 vehicle
  • MPVs
  • SUVs
  • 4x4s
small van
  • Renault Kangoo
  • Volkswagon Caddy or Combo Cargo
  • Ford Transit Connect
  • Peugeot Partner

standard wheelbase lengths only


Book in advance - larger vans and trailers Examples
transit van
  • Ford Transit van
  • high-roof van
  • all trailers

Household waste disposal permits will not be required until further notice.

When you arrive

  • staff will direct you to the unloading area
  • handrails will be cleaned regularly to keep customers and site staff safe
  • staff will not be available to help you lift due to physical distancing requirements
  • stay one metre away from others at all times
  • visits should be as brief as possible - sort your waste before you travel
  • a limit on the number of vehicles allowed onto the site at any one time and a one in/one out system applied
  • only one person per vehicle should exit the vehicle, unless it is absolutely necessary for a second person to assist with lifting and handling

Please be kind to site staff – anyone not following site rules will be asked to leave.

Accepted items

  • non-recyclable general waste - this is only for items such as black bag waste that cannot be recycled.
  • bikes
  • cans, cartons and plastic bottles and tubs
  • car batteries
  • cardboard
  • cooking or engine oil
  • fluorescent tubes and lightbulbs
  • food
  • garden waste
  • gas bottles (butane/propane)
  • glass bottles and jars
  • small helium gas canisters, used for inflating balloons. (Before disposal please release any remaining helium outdoors to ensure canisters are empty and there is no residual pressure in the cylinder).
  • household batteries
  • paper
  • plasterboard
  • rubble
  • scrap metal
  • small electrical items
  • soil and turf
  • televisions/pcs
  • textiles (shoes, clothes and handbags)
  • white goods such and fridges and freezers
  • wood

Coronavirus contaminated waste must be double-bagged and stored securely for 72 hours before bringing it to site.

If you are throwing out bulky household items that you can't take to a recycling centre, the household special uplift service is available.

Soil enhancer

Soil enhancer is available from this site.

Householders can collect up to three bags a day, using their own bags.

Commercial waste

Transit-type vans and trailers must pre-book and all customers must have a pre-paid disposal voucher. Details at commercial waste at recycling centres.

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