Community alarm and telecare


Community alarm: overview

A community alarm allows you to communicate with our control centre if you need help or support.

The control centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who needs it

The community alarm service can provide you with the necessary support if:

  • you have an illness, physical frailty, disability or have frequent falls which adversely affects your ability to live independently in your own home
  • you care for someone but are unable to provide support due to ill health or admission to hospital

How it works

The alarm connects to your telephone line.

You have to wear a pendant with a button. When you press the button it sends a signal through the telephone to the control centre. The control centre operators will speak to you to ask you what kind of help you need. This is done without you needing to lift your phone.

If the control centre cannot contact you, or you are unable to respond, they will arrange for someone to check what you need. They can also contact the emergency services on your behalf if required.


You must nominate two contacts who are happy to be contacted to deal with any emergencies and come to your home to help you if needed.

They could be family, friends or neighbours.

If you do not know anyone who would be able to do this, the service can make alternative arrangements.

What you need

A telephone line. You will need to ensure that it remains live.

A 13 amp electrical socket near your telephone socket. This is because the equipment needs to be plugged into both outlets to connect to our systems.

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