Community alarm and telecare


Community alarm: fitting, use and maintenance

Fitting the equipment

A member of our response team will contact you to arrange a convenient time to install your equipment.

If there is a delay they will phone to keep you informed or to rearrange if necessary.


After installation our response team will carry out a two-week review.

This will allow you to ask any questions and we will make sure we hold all the relevant contact information for you.

Further reviews will be carried out annually.

Key safes

A key safe must be fitted in a safe and secure place outside your property.

It will hold your keys to allow access for our response team should they need to get into your home. This should be fitted and a key placed in it as soon as the equipment is installed.


You must provide the name and contact details of two people we can contact should you press your alarm for assistance.

These people must be available to respond to your call for assistance within 30 minutes. If there are no contacts available within the 30-minute radius, alternative arrangements can be made. We will discuss this with you when you apply for a community alarm.

Monthly test

You must complete a monthly test call of your alarm by pressing your pendant. 

Familiarity with the equipment means that in times of emergency you will know what to expect. You are also checking that equipment is working correctly.

Change of Details/Contact information and Holidays

Any changes to the information you have provided in relation to key safes, contact details and phone numbers must be passed on to the control centre as soon as possible. If your contacts are going on holiday it is helpful to let the control centre know the dates they will be unavailable.

These measures ensure that your safety is not compromised should you need assistance and that we have the relevant up to date information for you.

Faulty/broken equipment Telecare Responses

If you know or suspect that your equipment is broken or faulty, report this to the control room staff either by pressing your alarm or calling the control centre (see contact Control Centre section).

Responder service

The teams have two response workers on duty 24 hours, seven days a week. They can respond to calls for assistance through the community alarm system. If a response worker is required, they will be dispatched by the control centre, which will provide them with details of your call and the assistance that you need.

The response service will not attend if your care and support provider is due to attend or has just left your home following your support within a thirty minute time scale.

The response service is not a replacement for existing support and care packages. If your needs have changed and you need more support contact your case holder to review your situation.

Response times

If a response worker is dispatched to respond to your call they may take twenty minutes to arrive at your home. In more rural areas this may be up to fifty minutes. This may be due to the number of calls they are receiving at that time, weather conditions, or the distance they have to travel. If there are delays and a backlog of calls the control centre staff will keep you updated.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact people or our response workers can access your home when you need assistance. You can choose to nominate a key holder or install a key safe at your home. If access is required to respond to your call for assistance and there is no key holder or key safe, our control centre or response service workers will call Police Scotland to gain access to your property.

This may cause damage to doors and windows and you will have to meet the cost of repair.

Callout charges

In the event of the community alarm or response service being used inappropriately, there may be a charge for these calls, for example; calling continually when no support is required, cancelling your support and care provider and calling on community alarm instead, or calling to fix electrical equipment other than the community alarm or telecare items we have provided.


Our staff will always treat you in a friendly, civil and polite manner. Unfortunately, at times this is not reciprocated by everyone who use our support services. We recognise that people may be distressed or upset, but we ask that control centre and response team staff are always treated with respect. Our staff will not tolerate any abusive language, physical or verbal aggression and will end the call or leave your home should you treat them in such a manner.

Continued abuse of our staff will result in your community alarm and telecare equipment being removed.

Passive smoking

We have a home visiting passive smoking policy, in which we request that you and/ or your family members and carers who smoke refrain from smoking during any visit from our response workers and ventilate your home as soon as you know they will be attending.

Removal of alarm

If you decide you no longer want the alarm, then you should contact the control room by pressing your alarm or by calling them to advise of this. They will pass this onto the response team in your area who will arrange to have the alarm removed. If you have a case holder, we will inform them of your request.

Moving home

If you are moving home, you should contact the control centre to advise them of your new address, phone number and date of move. They will arrange for the equipment to be re-fitted at your new address. If you are moving outwith Angus, you will not be able to take your equipment with you.

Contacting control centre

The control centre telephone numbers are: 01307 464943 or 01307 462670. There may be a short delay in answering calls due to high demand at the time.

We record all calls to the community alarm control centre for training, safety and quality improvement purposes.

Data Protection

All information and data that you provide to us is held securely and complies with the Data Protection Act (2018) which incorporates the General Data Protection Regulations.

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