Community alarm service

How it works

The community alarm allows you to call for emergency help at any time, day or night.

You wear a pendant with a button which, when pressed, sends a telephone call through the alarm unit to a trained operator.

The operator will ask you some questions before taking appropriate action. This might be to call a family member, doctor, NHS 24, Ambulance, or the Community Alarm Response Team.

We also have add-on equipment that works with your alarm to deal with incidents such as falls triggers, flood detectors and smoke alarms. All these activate the alarm without you having to touch a button.

How to request a community alarm

We can provide an alarm if you:

  • have an illness, are frail or have a disability which limits your ability to live at home alone
  • have been in hospital and need some extra support when you come home
  • have someone caring for you who needs extra support

To request a community alarm, contact your care manager or home care assessor if you have one.

Or contact First Contact on 01307 475242/email

Fitting the alarm

There is a weekly charge of £4.90 for the community alarm.

The community alarm needs to be plugged into a phone socket. If you do not have a phone socket, we will pay to have one fitted, but you will need to pay the ongoing line rental.

We will also pay for any electrical work needed to provide you with a community alarm.

For more information  visit our help to live at home pages.