Home adaptations

Adaptations are changes to your home that help you and your family live independently with privacy, confidence and dignity.

Adaptation pathway - council properties

Stage 1 Initial Approval in Principle

This means an Occupational Therapist has assessed your needs and confirmed with the
Housing Officer (Community Housing Team) that the adaptation(s) are feasible.

A recommendation has been sent to the Housing Officer (Technical) who has checked your
adaptation request and confirmed you do not have any current applications or assessments
for re-housing. Your adaptation request is now awaiting approval and allocation of funding
by the Assistant Manager (Technical).


  • the Housing Officer (Community Housing Team) has 10 working days from receipt of OT request to determine the feasibility of the adaptation(s)
  • the OT Team Manager/designated other has five working days following receipt of the request to consider OT recommendation and process to Housing Officer (Technical)
  • the Housing Officer (Technical) has five working days on receipt of request to consider your adaptation request

Stage 2 Monitoring of Request

Your Occupational Therapist will monitor your request until funding has been awarded and
will ensure the Housing Officer (Technical) is informed of any changes to your Matrix score.

During this time it is important that you contact your Occupational Therapist if you feel your
needs or circumstances have changed as this may change your need in relation to the works

Timescales for this stage will vary from person to person.

Stage 3 Allocation of Funding

The Housing Officer (Community Housing Team) will contact the Occupational Therapist to
confirm the allocation of funding for the adaptation(s) when this is awarded.

The Housing Officer (Community Housing Team), Occupational Therapist and Contractor will contact you to arrange a joint visit to your home.

The Housing Officer (Community Housing Team), Occupational Therapist and Contractor on allocation of funding have five working days to co-ordinate a visit.

Stage 4 Preparation of Drawing and Works Specification

Your Occupational Therapist, Housing Officer (Community Housing Team) and the Contractor
will visit you in your home to agree the adaptation works required.

The Contractor will prepare plans for the works and the Housing Officer (Community Housing Team) will complete a form outlining the works required. It is important that you ask any questions you may have about the works.

You may want to discuss provision of temporary equipment during the works with your Occupational Therapist i.e. commode provision.

The Contractor has five working days from the date of the Joint Visit to fax/email the drawings to the Housing Officer (Community Housing Team)

Stage 5 Final Approval

The Housing Officer (Community Housing Team) will send the drawings and a copy of the
form completed on the joint visit to the Occupational Therapist.

The Occupational Therapist must approve the plans and confirm the works they are supporting. This will be reviewed and considered by a designated Occupational Therapist and/or Team Manager (Occupational Therapy).

Once approval is given the designated Occupational Therapist or Team Manager
(Occupational Therapy) will inform the Housing Officer (Technical) and the Housing Officer
(Community Housing Team).


  • The Housing Officer (Community Housing Team) has five working days to send the information to the OT
  • The OT Team Manager/ designated other has two working days from receipt of confirmation from the OT for works to be considered

Stage 6 Appointment of Contractor

The Housing Officer (Community Housing Team) will issue a works order to the contractor
after receiving confirmation of approval for the adaptation(s). A letter should be sent to you
from Housing advising of the timescales for the works.

The Housing Officer (Community Housing Team) has three working days to raise the works order following approval.

Stage 7 Completion of Works

During the works, please contact the Housing Officer (Community Housing Team) and/ or
your Occupational Therapist if any issues arise.

We will try and resolve these with you and the Contractor. Your Occupational Therapist will visit you at home, or contact you to ensure that the adaptation is appropriate and will provide any necessary equipment and training on its use.

If you are unsure about how to use your new facilities or equipment, please contact your Occupational Therapist. The Housing Officer (Community Housing Team) may also need
to visit you to check the completed works are satisfactory.

The contractor has 15 working days from commencement of work to complete the works.