Home adaptations

Adaptations are changes to your home that help you and your family live independently with privacy, confidence and dignity.


If you are having difficulty with day to day activities like getting up and down the stairs because of a medical health condition(s)/ disability and would like to know what would make things easier and safer for you, you can contact the Occupational Therapy Service in Angus and ask for an assessment of your needs. This will be undertaken in your home by a member of the Occupational Therapy Service who will provide you with recommendations which may include the need for a stairlift.  

A pilot in Angus has been approved enabling the Occupational Therapy Service to fund stairlifts in all properties, irrespective of the tenure – council, housing association or owner-occupied. The stairlifts will belong to Angus Health and Social Care Partnership (AHSCP) who will service and maintain the stairlift and will remove it when it is no longer required.  

The Occupational Therapy Service will discuss alternative funding options with you if you do not want to be a part of the pilot. 

Who is involved?

Occupational Therapist (OT) (Angus Council or NHS Tayside)

Your Occupational Therapist is responsible for assessing your needs and agreeing the stairlift, other adaptations and/ or equipment that is essential to allow you to live safely and independently in your home. 

Your Occupational Therapist is responsible in determining the need and urgency for the stairlift and in organising the works. Your Occupational Therapist will also ensure that appropriate permission from the owner of the property has been sought prior to any works being carried out. 


The Occupational Therapy Service has a contract in place for the installation, servicing, maintenance and removal of stairlifts. The agreed contractor will assess the works required, prepare their quote and submit this to your Occupational Therapist for consideration and approval. The contractor is also responsible for raising any issues which may affect the installation of the stairlift. 


Admin staff will raise the orders required for the stairlift and any works deemed necessary. They will monitor the orders and will liaise with your Occupational Therapist if any start dates are provided. Admin staff will reconcile any invoices received and will update our systems to record installation dates.


Other people may need to be involved to agree the installation of a stairlift and any other associated works. We will tell you if this applies to you.  If the stairlift is required on stairs that are considered the only access to your property, we will need to liaise with the Fire Service for their approval as well as ensuring the provision is in accordance with the manufactures guidance/ recommendations and any required planning regulations.

Your responsibilities

  • It is important you understand your need for a stairlift and the arrangements being put in place. You can contact your named Occupational Therapist at any time.
  • It is important you keep us informed of any changes in your circumstances that may affect the stairlift being considered for you.  
  • Contractors and other personnel will need to visit you, so it is important that you allow these workers into your home. ALWAYS ask to see the caller’s identification before allowing them into your home.  
  • You must agree to use the stairlift as instructed to ensure it remains in safe working order.  
  • You must allow annual access as a minimum for the stairlift to be serviced.  
  • You should liaise with Home Insurance provider to check whether the stairlift is covered by your existing policy to ensure you are covered should anyone have an injury whilst the stairlift is in your property.   


Angus Health and Social Care Partnership (AHSCP) will meet all the required costs for the stairlift installation as well as for any required works. AHSCP will also meet the ongoing yearly servicing costs as well as any other maintenance costs.  AHSCP will also meet the removal costs should the stairlift no longer be required.  

What happens next?

The stairlift pathway information in the next section gives information on the stages involved. Remember, the timescales for stairlifts can vary and depend on a number of factors. These could include:

  • the urgency for the stairlift according to the Occupational Therapy assessment
  • the type of stairlift required – straight or curved
  • the need for associated works – removal of radiators, electrical work
  • availability of the contractor to undertake the works 
  • the need for any alternative arrangements while works are being completed

Stairlift pathway

Stage 1 Initial approval in principle  

This means an Occupational Therapist has assessed your needs and undertaken a home visit. The Occupational Therapist has also completed a request which has been reviewed and approved by a designated Occupational Therapist/ Team Manager (Occupational Therapy).

Timescales for this stage will vary from person to person.

Stage 2 Preparation of quotation and obtaining of permission

Your Occupational Therapist will send a request to the Contractor requesting a joint visit or a visit by the contractor to agree the stairlift required. The contractor will provide a quotation identifying the stairlift required as well as any other associated works. Your Occupational Therapist will let you know when this has been received and whether any other works are required. It is important you know what works will be carried out so you should ask any questions you have.  Your Occupational Therapist will also liaise with the owner of your property if that is not yourself to ensure they are in agreement to the works being completed. We may be unable to support a stairlift being installed if we can not obtain the permission from all required parties.

Timescales for this stage will vary from person to person.

Stage 3 Final approval

Once you reach agreement with your Occupational Therapist for the stairlift and any associated works, your Occupational Therapist will confirm the works being supported. This will be reviewed and considered by a designated Occupational Therapist and/ or Team Manager (Occupational Therapy). Once approval is given the designated Occupational Therapist or Team Manager (Occupational Therapy) will inform Admin who will place the order for the stairlift.  

Timescales for this stage will vary from person to person.

Stage 4 Appointment of contractor

The order for the stairlift will be placed with the agreed contractor and they will contact you to advise on a date for installation when this is known. Your Occupational Therapist will continue to liaise with you while you are awaiting the stairlift being installed. If any works are required to support the stairlift being installed, your Occupational Therapist will arrange this. If you need to cancel the stairlift once the contractor has been appointed, please inform your Occupational Therapist immediately.

Timescales for this stage will vary from person to person. 

Stage 5 Completion of works

During the installation works please contact your Occupational Therapist if any issues arise. Your Occupational Therapist will visit you at home or contact you to ensure the stairlift if suitable for you and will provide any necessary demonstration on safe use of the stairlift.  

Timescales for this stage will vary from person to person.

Stage 6 Payment

Once the works are complete and you and your Occupational Therapist are satisfied with them, admin will process the payment for the works.  

Timescales for this stage will vary from person to person.

Reporting faults

If you have any problems with your stairlift once it is installed, there will be a contact number on the stairlift advising who to contact. Please be advised the phone number to report any problems is 0141 287 6300. Please select Option 2 when prompted