Home adaptations

Adaptations are changes to your home that help you and your family live independently with privacy, confidence and dignity.

Adaptation pathway - owner occupier/private tenant

Stage 1 Initial Approval in Principle

This means an Occupational Therapist has assessed your needs and undertaken a home visit.

The Occupational Therapist has also completed a request which has been reviewed and approved by a designated Occupational Therapist/ Team Manager (Occupational Therapy).

Caledonia Care and Repair will send you a letter confirming who your allocated Care and Repair Officer will be and when they will visit you.

Timescales for this stage will vary from person to person.

Stage 2 Preparation of Drawing and Works Specification

Your Occupational Therapist and the Caledonia Care and Repair Officer will visit you at home to agree the adaptation works required.

The Caledonia Care and Repair Officer will prepare a drawing and/or specification for the works and discuss the grant application process with you.

The documents prepared need to be approved by you and your Occupational Therapist so it is important to ask any questions you have about the works or grants process.

You may wish to discuss provision of temporary equipment with your Occupational Therapist to assist you during adaptations works i.e. commode provision.

Timescales for this stage will vary from person to person.

Stage 3 Final Approval

Once you reach agreement with your Occupational Therapist for the works required, the Occupational Therapist will confirm the works they are supporting.

This will then be reviewed and considered by a designated Occupational Therapist and/or Team Manager (Occupational Therapy). Once approval is given the designated Occupational Therapist or Team Manager (Occupational Therapy) will inform Caledonia Care and Repair and Grants.

The Team Manager (Occupational Therapy)/designated other has 2 working days from receipt of confirmation from the Occupational Therapist for works to be considered.

Stage 4 Tender

A minimum of two quotes are required to accompany the grant application and the Caledonia Care and Repair officer will discuss who will be invited to tender for the works with you.

They will receive a copy of the plan and specification and may contact you to arrange a visit to you at home.

The Contractor has 10 working days to return the tender. Please note that planning permission and a building warrant are sometimes required for the adaptations being supported. These permissions must be in place before the grant is submitted and will affect timescales at this stage.

Stage 5 Submission of Grant Application

When the Caledonia Care and Repair officer is satisfied they have all the required documentation they will visit you to complete the grant application form which must be signed by you.

Permission from the landlord must also be included if you do not own your property. Copies of lease agreements will be required, and possibly copies of title documents.

The Quantity Surveyor from Angus Council will visit you at home to consider the works being requested.

Angus Council has eight weeks to process a valid application however we will try to do this as quickly as possible.

Stage 6 Appointment of Contractor

The Caledonia Care and Repair officer will be informed of the grant awarded. They will write to you confirming this and seek your permission to appoint the contractor on your behalf and proceed with the works.

By signing the documentation you are agreeing to enter into a contract with the contractor, not Caledonia Care and Repair or Angus Council. The appointed contractor should visit or contact you to discuss and finalise the works required, agree a start date and how long the work will take to complete.

If you need to cancel the works once the contractor has been appointed, the Caledonia Care and Repair Officer will discuss whether there are any costs that will need met.

Timescales for this stage will vary from person to person.

Stage 7 Completion of works

During the works please contact the Caledonia Care and Repair officer and/or your Occupational Therapist if any issues arise.

We will try and help you resolve these with the contractor. Your Occupational Therapist will visit you at home or contact you to ensure the adaptation is appropriate and will provide any necessary equipment and training. If you are unsure about how to use your new facilities or equipment, please contact your OT.

The Caledonia Care and Repair officer and Quantity Surveyor may also need to visit you to check the works completed are satisfactory.

Timescales for this stage will vary from person to person.

Stage 8 Payment

Once the works are complete and you are satisfied with them, the Caledonia Care and Repair officer will advise you on how to pay for the works if this applies to you.

The Quantity Surveyor will process the grant award following a final visual inspection of the works and receipt of a valid claim for payment.

The timescale for processing a valid claim for payment is four weeks.