Angus Community Plan 2022 to 2030


Our vision

We remain committed to the vision for Angus, which has been our aspiration since the formal inception of Community Planning in 2003.

Angus is a great place to live, work and visit

This has been re-affirmed by communities, partners and stakeholders during the comprehensive review of the Community Plan in 2021/22. Within this Community Plan, we set out how we will continue to work to realise our shared vision over the period 2022 to 2030, based on our understanding of Angus, our communities, the challenges we face, our strengths and the opportunities available to us.

Our new Community Plan, underpinned by local data provides a robust performance management framework. It demonstrates that we have a sound understanding of place and local circumstances, and that this understanding underpins the priorities we have identified with our communities, partners and a wide range of key stakeholders. Furthermore it reinforces our commitment to jointly resource the delivery of outcomes identified for the people of Angus.

Within Angus, we have strong and proud communities with a tradition of helping each other and themselves which was demonstrated throughout the pandemic. The role of our communities remains central to the achievement of our shared vision. We have a confident outlook with ambitions to improve outcomes for local people and communities over the life of this Community Plan. With the commitment of all Partners and our key stakeholders in the public, business, community and voluntary sectors, we can continue to make the 2030 vision for Angus a reality.

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